G Daily Supply Sdn Bhd Seafood and meat supply ”

Crab / Prawn

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King Crab WR

King Crab Leg 3L

Snow Crab Leg

Soft Shell Crab

Half Cut Crab 8-10

Flower Crab 100/150

Crab Meat Tin

Green Lobster WR

Boston Lobster (LIVE)

Mini Lobster Yambi 8/10

Lobster Tail

Slipper Lobster 80/130

Slipper Lobster Meat

Fresh Water Prawn U7

Cooked Black Tiger Prawn 26/30

White Shrimp HOSO 21/25

Sea White Prawn 21/25

Prawn with Head On

Pink Prawn / Solo Prawn

Black Tiger Prawn 6/8

Prawn with Headless

Prawn with Headless Easy Peel

Sea White Prawn Meat 21/25 PUD

Peeled Deveined Tail On Prawn

1 - 24 of 61

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