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We supply Frozen Fish, Frozen Poultry/Chicken, Fruit, Vegetable, Local Dry Item, Frozen Prawn, Squid & Scallop and Japanese Food Ingredient.

About us

G Daily Supply Sdn. Bhd., your one stop, full-service partner for nationwide food distribution. We supply and deliver full ranges of frozen seafood products and food stuff sourced from major production regions worldwide and distribute to our business associates in Food and Beverage Industry, and retail customers nationwide.

We are renowned for being a reliable food supplier with Halal certification by Jakim that offers Muslim friendly food products. We equip our business associates in the food and beverage industry with food supply and industry connections, and provides them the advantages to stay at the forefront of the culinary profession.

Our food safety management and product quality are enhanced with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification from SGS.

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7 Days Delivery

One stop shop

(Salmon, Meat, Seafood & Local Dry Items)


Japanese Item 52 products
Fish 61 products
Crab / Prawn 61 products
Vegetables 54 products
Fruits 5 products
Ice Cream (icedea) 12 products

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