G Daily Supply Sdn Bhd  

Scallop / Squid / Shell Seafood

25 - 48 of 51

Lala Meat IQF

Asari Clam

Bamboo Clam

Tako Leg

Giant Octopus Leg / Tako Leg

Squid IQF 300/400

Argentina Squid IQF

Suremi Ika (JAPAN)

Baby Octopus

Squid Ring

Squid WR Clean

Squid Flower IQF

Baby Cuttle Fish 20-40

Brown Squid

Baby Cuttlefish 20-40 IQF

Baby Cuttlefish 300gm/tray

Green Abalone 20-30cm (LIVE)

Half Shell Oyster 10-12cm

Pink Shell Scallop 40/50

Figernail Clam

Japan Hotate Sashimi (L Size)

Baby Cuttlefish 40-60

Half Shell Scallop 9-10cm

JAPAN Hotate Scallop (M) 26/30

25 - 48 of 51

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