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Scallop / Squid / Shell Seafood

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Green Abalone 15-20gm (LIVE)

Frozen Half Shell Green Abalone

Blanched Abalone

Abalone Slice

JAPAN Harima Full Shell Oyster

Full Shell Oyster XL Sashimi Grade Japan

Half Shell Oyster 8-10cm

Oyster Meat IQF

Oyster Kaki L

Bay Scallop Meat

Boiled Baby Scallop

Canada Scallop

US Scallop

US Scallop

Bay Scallop Meat 60/80

Scallop Meat IQF 20/30

Pink Shell Scallop 51/60

Mussel Meat

Half Shell Scallop 6-7cm

Half Shell Green Mussel

Half Shell Mussel (LOCAL)

Full Shell Black Mussel

Venus Clam


1 - 24 of 51

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