G Daily Supply Sdn Bhd
Seafood and meat supply

Vegetables and fruits supply

Scallop / Squid / Shell Seafood

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Green Abalone (LIVE)

Frozen Half Shell Green Abalone

Blanched Abalone

Abalone Slice

Full Shell Oyster (JAPAN)

Full Shell Oyster XL Sashimi Grade Japan

Half Shell Oyster

Oyster Meat IQF

Oyster Kaki L

Bay Scallop Meat

Boiled Baby Scallop

Canada Scallop

US Scallop

US Scallop

Bay Scallop Meat 60/80

Scallop Meat IQF 20/30

Japan Hotate

Pink Shell Scallop

Mussel Meat IQF

Half Shell Scallop

Half Shell Green Mussel

Half Shell Mussel (LOCAL)

Full Shell Black Mussel

Venus Clam

1 - 24 of 40

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